Cool Hairstyles 2014 for Teenage Girls

Hairstyles 2014 for Teenage Girls
Hairstyles 2014 for Teenage Girls

Hairstyles pretty much determine the individual personality and style preference. This is so important to women including teenage girls. That’s why this post will give any of the new and upcoming hair trends of 2014. Of course, the best choices should make girls looking great in their ages. Like this lovely long wavy hair. It is often preferred for its classic and elegant look. Layers are cut around the hairs’ end to accentuate it. Meanwhile, the waves are considered quite flat so that girls don’t appear too old for their ages. Short fringes at the eyebrow are nice details for fresh and youthful look.

Layered Wavy Hair

Wavy Hairstyles 2014 for Teenage Girls
Layered Wavy

Long hair seems so endless. It fits women in all ages including teens. Another inspiring choice is this gorgeous rich wavy hair. It is beautifully accentuated with rich waves from upper hair to the ends. Its lovely textures are created with the help of the sharp layers. For the best result, it has to be smooth and shiny so applying hair gel or cream will be a great idea. To nicely shape the face especially oval faces, the short fringes are side parted. Cut some layers to the fringes for versatile look.

Layered Straight Hair

Straight Hairstyles 2014 for Teenage Girls
Layered Straight

If waves aren’t the ones you could ever imagine as a teen, then you may to consider the cool straight hair with layers that fits an active teen. Imitate this lovely look of Ashley Simpson. It is cut in medium length below the shoulder. It fits only for thin straight hair type. So, you may need to straighten it first if yours is considered wavy or thick. Of course, the layers have to be cut perfect and sharp. Don’t forget to work with the layered fringes. Instead of center parting, side parting fits best for youthful appearance. And, you can also highlight it a bit with darker shade of tone.