Hair Color 2014

Hair Color 2014
Hair Color 2014

When it comes to style, more and more women are looking for the most popular hair color 2014 trends. In the past few years, hair color has changed significantly and improved the way women look. For women who want to improve their appearance, having the latest information about hair color is vital. As seen on this picture, using hair colors that product gradations or streaks will definitely a good choice. It helps women to look differently in a more elegant way. One good color option is to go with red that can give striking effects. Kat Von D Ruby red hair suits perfectly for women who have lots of confidence and want to stand out among other women.

Christina Hendricks Red Color

Christina Hendricks Red Color 2014
Christina Hendricks Red Color 2014

When it comes to choosing the best hair color, there is nothing better than choosing red. Red has become very popular known for its strong impression and has the most bold hair color. One good example comes from this celebrity, Christina Hendricks who looks so beautiful with her red hair color. Her red hair is sure to draw lots of attention not only among men but also women. If you want to change your hair color, red hair color as seen from Christina Hendricks might be a good choice.

Jennifer Lopez Hair Color

Jennifer Lopez Hair Color 2014
Jennifer Lopez Hair Color 2014

Do you need another color? Well, aside from using red, the other popular color that can create striking effects is brown. This famous singer looks so gorgeous with her golden highlights. This can be another perfect example for women who want to change their hair color especially those who have brown has her base color. Finding your favorite color and do some experiment. However, if you prefer some colors that can draw lots of attention, red and brown are some good choices that should be included on your list.

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