Hairstyles 2014

Hairstyles 2014
Hairstyles 2014

The latest hairstyles 2014 are likely to have major changes which bring a more modern, cute and elegant look as well. There are some popular hairstyles which remain popular even until 2014 and one of them is an all out hair color change. There are some choices such as going with more highlights or hair dye. This type of hairstyle does a great job to reflect women’s personality while maintaining their appearance in a more modern and clear look statement. It works with any type of hair whether you have hair that is tougher or soft. It creates a distinctive look yet stylish specifically for women who want to look differently among other women.

Layered Blonde Straight Bob Hairstyles

Layered Blonde Straight Bob Hairstyles
Layered Blonde Straight Bob Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are without a doubt the most popular hairstyle chosen by women who prefer simplicity while maintaining their appearance. Short straight hairstyles create a simple and elegant look which works best in any type of occasions. It gives an easy transformation from a professional to a more casual look. As for 2014 latest hairstyles, this type of hairstyle is expected to grab more attention compared with other type of hairstyles. For women who want to look as simple as possible without losing their charm, layered blonde straight hairstyle can be a good example. Take a look at Maggie Rose, she looks great with her simple yet elegant short hairstyle.

Classic Super-Short Cut for Curly Hair

Classic Super Short Cut  for Curly Hair
Classic Super Short Cut for Curly Hair

Classic super-short cut gives a trendy and simple look which many women will love especially for those who have curly hair. As seen in the picture, it shows how short haircut looks good in a simple and elegant way. For women who have an active lifestyle, this will be a perfect choice. Another great advantage is classic super-short cut hairstyle doesn’t require much attention thus you can maintain it easily.

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