Top Red Hair Color 2014

Red Hair Color 2014
Red Hair Color 2014

Red head is certainly attention stealer. When you have reddish lock, it is likely that people will notice you from a far – not to mention that the color will be a great head turner. There are some great red hair color 2014 ideas – along with the hairstyles – that you can choose if you want to make yourself look different and unique. If you choose trimmed and rather cropped yet regular short bob paired with the bright reddish hue, you can certainly be the center of attention. The deep red color will add nice touch to the seemingly simple hair do, so you can still look stylish without overdoing it.

Dark Red Hair Color

Dark Red Hair Color 2014
Dark Red Hair Color 2014

If you have long hair and you want to steal attention, simply style it up with stylish layers that will add texture to the hair. The layers are also great to avoid boredom and plain look. With dark red hue, you can certainly be noticed even from afar. The darker red is also great if you are able to compose the color nicely and neatly. The darker shade can be placed on the top side, while the middle and the ends of the hair can be covered in brighter red. Such color arrangement will certainly make you look different and stylish right away.

Auburn Hair Color

Auburn Red Hair Color 2014
Auburn Red Hair Color 2014

You can also steal attention with the auburn. Auburn is basically the combination of red and purple. Because the tone and shade is very unique, the result is also unique and one of a kind, so you can be sure that you will different with auburn shade. With long hair, you can style it up with layers, but consider the edgier style. Use blunt and choppy style for the ends, so it will look different. With auburn shade and choppy patterns, you will look dazzling from a far. The neat side swept bangs arrangement will also add the chic element to this hair-do.

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